Defining the

It takes uncommon qualities to achieve the extraordinary.
Vision, dedication, flair, courage.

Extraordinary success opens up all kinds of opportunities in business and in life. It also brings complex changes. Like you, we see the potential where others see only obstacles. We see the bigger picture of what potential can do. Where others are occupied with today, we are planning tomorrow.

We’re dedicated to helping you achieve your potential.


True achievers aren’t afraid to take a different path. They expect to. They follow their instincts, not the crowd. They believe in new ideas and innovation. In forms and structures that haven’t been seen or made before. And new places too. Vaughans is an organisation of innovators and doers that can capture your possibilities and make them reality. Exceptional service, challenging the norm, without exception.

Our Process


Get the most efficient building at the most economic cost through Vaughans’ advanced planning of site selection, site layouts and budget estimation. This helps you avoid unnecessary design changes during construction and unwanted blowouts.


Vaughans design team delivers creative and innovative solutions that’s created just for your business. Aesthetic and structural considerations are balanced to give beautiful outcomes while ensuring it remains functionally efficient and is of high investment grade.


We guarantee the contracted completion date and budget of your project by maintaining constant project supervision and ongoing communication with our clients to adhere to agreed construction schedules.


To choose the extraordinary takes courage. Experience from decades in business has given us the courage to stand for what we believe in. We call these Our RITES, and they guide all our personnel processes, from recruiting, to training, development, assessment, and working with clients.

Our Rites


The support and care for each other and our customers.


Dealing honestly and openly with each other, our subcontractors, consultants and customers.


Working together to deliver on our promises to each other and our customers.


Maintaining and developing our strong systems approach.


The safety and well-being of our people and subcontractors.


You expect vision, commitment, and dedication. Nothing less. So we take time to understand what drives your success and what’s important to you. It may not be the regular or the conventional. Great vision and innovation brings with it the possibility of scale. Access to a deep pool of resources in planning and execution. Access to every possibility, no matter how complex, unusual, or large.

We are a match for every ambition. And we scale new heights every day.

What our clients say

Vaughans were the most professional and caring operation, and were of great assistance to our company.

John Dunphy | Managing Director
Dunphy Sports / Fishing Imports Pty. Ltd.

Vaughans were selected for the project for their competitive cost and demonstrated expertise.

Stewart Johnson | National Manager Infrastructure

We have no hesitation in recommending Vaughan Constructions to others.

Nick Tsitovitch | Project Director
AAP Corporation Pty Limited

Our facility has allowed us to grow by 45% within five years of our build completion. This solid growth trajectory has helped improve our bottom line significantly.

Mike Plarre | National Operations Manager
Ferguson Plarre

It was immensely heartening to see Vaughans exhibit the same care and enthusiasm as our own team.

Don Stallings | Chief Executive Officer
Masters - Home Improvement Centres

Vaughans' professionalism throughout the tender, construction and completion must be commended.

Dane Smith | General Manager
Logistics & Customer Operations ANZ, Cadbury Pty. Ltd.

Vaughan Constructions has been our preferred supplier since 1994 and has been our partners in erecting 88,000m2 of cold storage buildings.

Gabor Hilton | Engineering Manager
Oxford Cold Storage Company

We all face many choices each day. But few choices affect the lives and livelihoods of thousands. If you're looking for the right choice – the choice made by some of the world’s smartest and most innovative companies – then that search ends with Vaughans.

Why us?



We give exceptional value on each and every project we take on. This is done by getting the best from our team and using the experience gained from decades of fine tuning our processes. If it doesn’t represent value then it’s not Vaughans. This is one of the main reasons our clients keep coming back.



We maintain a strict, independently-audited safety program, resulting in an industry leading Workers Compensation premium consistently half that of the industry average. This is just another way we are able to pass on unparalleled value on projects while keeping our team safe at all times.



Vaughan Constructions specialises in completing major projects for forward-thinking clients. From building a humble hard working warehouse through to some of the largest structures in the Southern Hemisphere, one thing is always certain – we always get the job done, on time and on budget.



Vaughans has a long, unbeaten track record of successful Industrial Relations management. Contractors know that when they work with Vaughans they’ll be looked after, and accordingly are able to offer us the best prices and service when taking on projects.

No risk

No risk

We guarantee each and every project with firm deadlines and strict KPIs, including guaranteeing the contracted completion date, project budget, and giving a 12 month defects guarantee as a matter of course. We also provide on-going maintenance as part of your project, keeping your costs down and ensuring you’ll never be left stranded. Our support extends well beyond handing over the keys.



With over 60 years in business, we bring a wealth of construction experience to your project. We’ve been steadily growing in knowledge and expertise, quietly working away on some of the most significant buildings on Australia’s landscape. We succeed by helping you succeed.



Vaughans is consistently rated in BRW’s Top 500 Australian private companies, with turnover of around $200 million thanks to the trust placed in us by some of the world’s largest companies. We accept construction delivery risk and stick to the agreed budget.



While we specialise in design and construction, we also work with clients on build only contracts. Our capabilities also offer property development experience to your team. We independently manage significant land holdings and are able to act as an advisor in all aspects of your land transaction.